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Versadock is a major worldwide supplier of modular floating boat dock systems and is a leader in providing safe, versatile, and maintenance free docking solutions for boaters, home owners, marinas and commercial operators of all types. Versadock US is the exclusive distributor of Versadock systems in North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. We specialize in creating unique docking solutions for virtually any floating platform requirement. Versadock’s patented V-Float technology makes Versadock the world’s premier supplier of drive on docking systems that are safe and extremely easy to use. The high quality design and construction of Versadock floats and components provides features and benefits not found in competitive systems and ensures years of reliable and maintenance free use.

Versadock systems are ideally situated for use in a variety of applications ranging from private home and cabin use to public marinas and commercial applications as well as for various government agencies including park and recreation departments, municipalities, water rescue operations and military installations. For pictures of numerous and varied Versadock installations from around the world please visit our gallery.


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